perfect escort for a dinner date
Age: 26
Height: 5’6″
Body: 38C-22-34
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Hazel
Weight: 127

You Won’t Regret spending Time With Me

What kind of trouble do you want to get into tonight? Whatever it is I know where to find it, and can’t wait to do it. I am Emma, let me be your Miami Beach escort for the evening. I have silky hair, a pair of amazing tits, and a great set of legs. Then there is my perfectly round ass. You will want to sleep on it, it makes a great pillow. Let me relieve all of your worries with the sensual erotic massage. My fingers will work magic all over your body. I will work every inch of you until you’re completely relieved. The feeling of my naked body massaging you will leave you completely relaxed. There’s a lot more we can do besides spending time in your room.

I will show you Miami, South Beach, and everything in between. I know all of the hotspots in the area. Tell me what kind of food you love, and I will totally take you to the best restaurant. I love going to museums and concerts too. I can also show you my dance moves in the club. They will leave you wanting even more, and might leave you standing at attention. Take me with you to your next work event. I promised everyone will want to know who you brought. They will love my quick wit, kind heart, and friendly nature. I’m comfortable talking to everyone, and love the opportunity. I can’t wait to make everyone jealous. Think about how you will feel having a beautiful and smart girl on your arm. I’ll make sure you are the hit of the event.

You need to know that not all escorts are created equal. I go above and beyond what most women will do. I make sure all of my clients are completely happy with their experience. I will be exactly what you want. Let me be your naughty housewife, slutty nurse, sexy cop, or whatever else your little mind can think up. I want to do it all for you. Let’s make sure your Tysons Corner hotel sees things it’s never seen before. Let your fantasies run wild because I want to hear all of them. After I hear all of them I will make sure they all happen. Let me make sure you have a great time in Miami Beach. Give me a call so you can find out for yourself. I promise you will not regret it.

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