An adventurous Miami Beach escort
Age: 26
Height: 5’4″
Body: 36C-24-37
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Languages: English, Spanish
Weight: 113
From $1500/hr

I Have An Adventurous Spirit

Are you in Miami Beach and want to treat yourself to the best escorts in town? You are at the right place. My name is Reese and I’m here to satisfy your needs and fantasies. I am a light skinned girl with beautiful eyes and long blonde hair. I have a spank-able ass and perfect tits. I am a model too but like to please and entertain when I’m not modeling. It is little wonder that when I walk briskly with my gorgeous smile and dimples, people can’t help but stare.

But they don’t matter. You do. All these attributes I have are complemented by my naughty nature. I have an adventurous spirit that leads me to try many naughty things. I can never say no to adventure because I do not like routine. That is the one reason I love this job. No two days are ever the same and there is adventure galore like any Miami Beach escorts can tell you.

Because of the high profile nature of some of the clients in the capital, Miami Beach escorts are good with secrets. When you are with me, you will not have to worry about being caught because being discreet is what I do best. I am a good conversationalist and you will love my company. I like to listen and if you need my input, I can give you an honest opinion of what I think.

I love showing you around Miami Beach if you are new. You get to know about the city from and in the company of a hot and sexy 26 year old woman. If you stay in the city or know your way around the city, we can club or attend exclusive parties or events. I have access to most of these events. I wouldn’t be one of the premier escorts in the city if I didn’t.

I love role playing and can take up any role. Besides that, I like to show off my body and get compliments from you. I enjoy stripping and teasing as well as giving you lap dances that make you hot, wild and bothered.

I also cater to Miami, South Beach, and Hollywood. If you stay in any of these places, be sure to call me and I will make sure you have a wonderful story to tell. My services are VIP and tailored to suit your own individual tastes and preferences.

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